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Asset Protection 15th November 2016

Tellemachus Card Shield will protect you from contactless card skimming.

Keep your assets safe with this Card Shield

This Card Shield will protect up to 3 personal or business credit/debit cards from being illegally scanned and scammed.

We would like to talk to you about protecting your company’s assets, too. With cyber security breaches now almost an everyday headline, we would like to understand your current business challenges and then help you to identify your highest priority vulnerabilities and hence some potential solutions. We are a safe new set of eyes and ears (with various levels of government security clearance to reassure you of our credentials) and with years of experience under our belts in the most demanding
covert environments.

I would like to book a 15 minute no-obligation telephone appointment with you to discuss the latest and most robust cyber security strategies to protect you and your business in 2017.

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