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Who's watching you - Tellemachus White paper by Dominic Lyons
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Tellemachus' Dominic Lyons has published a white paper in Cyber Security Review 2nd December 2016

In his white paper ““Who’s watching you?” for Cyber Security Review Dominic Lyons has addressed a much talked about issue of the threats and risks associated with embedded security devices (such as CCTV systems, access control systems IDS – Alarm systems), and the ever growing trend to move towards IoT/IoE (Internet of Things/Internet of Everything) across the corporate physical security infrastructure.

Detailing several examples of failures across security in above mentioned physical security technologies, he discussed the deepening problems associated with these areas and briefly touched on the lack of an overall cohesive standard for securing these technologies as an ever increasing number of devices to be produced without software and process security firmly in mind.

Tellemachus outlined the methodology of a security breach, highlighting vulnerabilities in systems and technologies often thought to be secure and/or usually completely ignored by the organisations, companies and individuals who face cyber crime threats in day to day business and life.

Finally Tellemachus discussed best practice to combat the security issues identified and how to mitigate risk across the infrastructure.

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