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Varonis specialise in creating software that allowsbusinesses and organisations to manage, analyse and secure all of their critical data. The Varonis Data Security Platform protects organisations against everything from insider threats, data breaches as well as cyber-attacks. The high level of threat detection is achieved through the constant monitoring of your organisations content, the accessibility of data as well as the individual behaviour of users and machines that have access to critical data, any misbehaviour is quickly identified and actioned upon.

At Tellemachus, our teams have vast experience in working with Varonis incredibly closely and have developed processes and checks to ensure that Varonis software does an excellent job in looking after your organisations security requirements. Installed with your exact requirements in mind, you can benefit from excellent software, which has been custom installed for your organisation, by the experts.

If you have any questions about Varonis software, please do just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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