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Cyber Security Consultancy, Trust our Expertise

Tailoring a security strategy for you to either implement internally, or outsource.

Cyber Security was a lot simpler when we started out in the industry, over twenty five years ago.

Today, Cyber Security has grown and developed into a global issue, which reaches all industries, organisations and businesses, in very unique ways. There’s everything from the hacker in his bedroom, phishing for bank details – right across to Foreign Governments seeking to interrupt and gain access to strategies and confidential information.

To tackle this risk Tellemachus have developed a number of different Cyber Security Services which encompass everything from complete audits, to MSSP, to network Security, as well as flexible Consultancy. In employing expert consultants, which have experience operating worldwide – we are able to offer a truly unique service, which provides peace of mind to our customers, in knowing that they have the protection in place to minimise, prevent and recover from the risk of Cyber Attack.

Whether it’s a public sector, or private sector organisation you operate, you will find our consultants knowledgeable, professional and reliable. Taking the time to understand your organisation and the unique risk that it faces – they understand that no two organisations are the same. Tailoring a security strategy for you to either implement internally, or outsource.

If you have any questions about the risk of Cyber Attacks, and how our consultants can help – please do get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your exact requirements.

Tellemachus Cyber Security and ICS services will :

  • Protect your operations against internal and external attacks.
  • Take away the ever-growing concerns over cyber security.
  • “Prevent and Protect”- using our security skills to identify the risk and implement risk-reduction solutions.
  • Safeguard your critical assets.
  • Work alongside your internal team.
  • Comply to industry standards.
  • Maximise efficiency from the latest technologies.
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