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Wireless Networks

At Tellemachus, we design and develop Wireless Telecoms systems for businesses and organisations of all sizes.

Helping our customers communicate anywhere at any time, our wireless telecoms systems reliably transfer information and communications between any locations worldwide.

Wireless connectivity between buildings, campuses or even cities can deliver immediate cost benefits to any organisation, delivering high-capacity, and reliable bandwidth for your backhaul, broadband and access needs.

Our Wireless Telecoms solutions offer both a competitive advantage and instant reach. We use both license-exempt and licensed microwave radios from a number of world class vendors, all delivered and supported using our turnkey design, installation, commissioning maintenance services.

In today’s corporate & leisure environments, mobility is a key driver, and so wireless networking has become a key component for organisations to allow flexible mobile working as well as easy access to network resources and the internet. When our WiFi solutions are deployed (in both indoor and outdoor locations) they provide increased flexibility, efficiency and increased productivity.

Our unified wireless solutions are secured using the latest encryption algorithms and users can be authenticated using your corporate directory (e.g. Microsoft Active Directory) for a true single sign-on deployment. Mobile Wireless LAN devices can be deployed to access the network using wireless technology from virtually any location and ensuring that is both secure and scalable.

The increase in availability of 4G networks, and very soon 5G networks has also seen a massive increase in the uptake of wireless mobile data systems and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Wearable devices, environmental sensors, machinery in factories, components in a vehicle or devices in homes and building can all be connected to deliver insights and improve efficiency.

Tellemachus have the knowledge and capability to not only provide the communications connection, but to also secure it.

At Tellemachus, we combine wireless telecoms hardware and software to design, build and maintain wireless telecoms for our customers. This approach ensures that organisations and businesses alike benefit from reliable, efficient, and cost-effective wireless telecoms.

You can either acquire our wireless solutions as a capital purchase, fund them through our leasing packages or rent them.

Secure Telecommunications Services:

  • Wireless
  • Connectivity (broadband, leased line)
  • Telecommunications mast and rigging specialists
  • Satellite (VSAT, Broadband)
  • Unified communications
  • Voice (telephone systems, mobile communications)
  • Video conferencing
  • Telecommunication maintenance and support

Tellemachus Secure Telecommunications:

  • Focus on your communication challenges.
  • Improve your communication network.
  • Deliver technology-lead solutions and optimise communication efficiency.
  • Implement the counter-measures to prevent unified communication vulnerabilities.
  • Maintain system security and integrity.

Other Telecoms Services

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