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Whether it’s increased media attention, wider government level regulations or simply common sense – the board level of organisations and businesses of all sizes are paying greater attention to the very real risk of Cyber Crime, understanding its devastating effect on the day to day operations and data security of an organisation.

The increase in threat levels from Cyber Crime has been accompanied by a welcome increase in the provision of Cyber Security services and technology. At Tellemachus, we are very proud to be leading the Cyber Security Industry in the prevention, detection and management of Cyber Security.

At the forefront of our Cyber Security Services, is Auditing. Unlike many other Cyber Security Auditors, our audits start at the cyber criminal’s first interaction with your organisation – what information do they stand to gain from an attack? What would be their target information and what would their demands likely be? Once we have fully understood who is likely to attack, our auditors then look at what data and information is most at risk and what would have the biggest impact on your organisation if it was to go missing.

Once we have discovered the likely attackers and the target information, we can then evaluate how secure that information is, how internal processes stand up to both external and internal security risks, as well as what needs to be done to reduce risk and mitigate losses, through effective disaster/incident recovery if a successful cyber-attack was to take place.

Here is how that process could look:

  • Who Will Attack? – Cyber Criminals, Ransom, Nation States.
  • What information is under threat? – Intellectual Property, Customer Details, Strategic Plans.
  • What are the risks? – Business Disruption, Health & Safety, Confidential Data.
  • Cyber Attack Tactics? – Ransomware, System Vulnerabilities and Stolen Logins.
  • Processes – Are controls and systems in place to reduce risk?
  • Disaster/Incident Recovery – Mapping Incident Response, Recovery and Management.

Once all of the above factors have been clarified and determined by our Cyber Security experts, working with your organisation – we can recommend a 360 degree Cyber Security Plan which protects your organisation and it’s people.

Please do get in touch to discuss your exact requirements.

Tellemachus Cyber Security and ICS services will :

  • Protect your operations against internal and external attacks.
  • Take away the ever-growing concerns over cyber security.
  • “Prevent and Protect”- using our security skills to identify the risk and implement risk-reduction solutions.
  • Safeguard your critical assets.
  • Work alongside your internal team.
  • Comply to industry standards.
  • Maximise efficiency from the latest technologies.
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