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Access Control

Access Control refers to a system which enables an organisation to have 100% control over who accesses their premises. Ensuring that the staff within the premises, as well as property, remains completely safe.

Electronic access control systems rely on key cards and fobs which allow access to a building. These fobs when swiped or held against a receiver – unlocks a door which is permanently kept locked. Because key cards and fobs are used, each can be programmed – and access instantly withdrawn if a member of staff leaves or a card is lost, minimising the risk of malicious entry.

The benefits of access control continue:

  • Access Control reduces reliance on physical locks and keys, therefore minimising the risk of losses and copies which can be made, quickly and easily.
  • Access Control also helps companies reach security requirements and legislation, helping them comply with demands from customers who rely on companies to work securely on their behalf. This is particularly important for companies operating in the defence sector.
  • Access Control is also entirely flexible, whilst all members of staff can gain entry to a building through a main entrance, access to internal areas can be restricted.

Electronic security services:

  • CCTV
  • Access control
  • Intruder detection
  • Fire detection
  • Security systems integration
  • ANPR
  • Physical security risk management
  • Evidence management and storage (video & audio)
  • Electronic security service and maintenance
  • Profit protection
  • Loss prevention
  • Analytics and bio-metrics

Tellemachus Electronic Security will:

  • Reduce your security risk.
  • Protect your critical assets and physical infrastructure.
  • Deliver end to end security and surveillance solutions from design to installation including 24/7 support
  • Improve your current security, reduce costs and provide a safe and productive work environment.

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