Managed Firewall

Managed Firewalls, Resource Intensive Management from Tellemachus

Ever increasing threats mean that it’s no longer enough simply to run your security systems blindly. Firewalls need constant monitoring; updated and amended to not only suit an ever changing cyber security industry, but also to keep up with the unique requirements of your organisation.

At Tellemachus, our Firewall Management Service provides twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year administration and log monitoring. If a risk is detected by the firewall, we monitor the firewall’s response to ensure any threat is immediately dealt with, protecting your organisation efficiently and reliably.

This service is often used in conjunction with other of our cyber security services.

Tellemachus Cyber Security and ICS services will :

  • Protect your operations against internal and external attacks.
  • Take away the ever-growing concerns over cyber security.
  • “Prevent and Protect”- using our security skills to identify the risk and implement risk-reduction solutions.
  • Safeguard your critical assets.
  • Work alongside your internal team.
  • Comply to industry standards.
  • Maximise efficiency from the latest technologies.
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