IT Security

At Tellemachus, we employ experts in IT Security

IT Security, often also called Cyber Security encompasses the practices and procedures that an organisation deploys to protect its information, IT infrastructure and data.

IT Security is an area which encompasses not only the threat from cyber criminals and hackers, but also the risk of ‘rogue’ employees and the risk of data loss and data corruption.

The most effective IT security strategies operate on two different levels, both of which are of equal importance. Rigid systems and technologies need to be in place and your workforce also needs to be educated in the risks and importance of IT security, altering their behaviour and being vigilant against potential vulnerabilities and sinister activity/communications.

At Tellemachus, we employ experts in IT Security. Well versed in all elements of protecting an organisation – our consultants are able to work with your organisation, identifying risks and vulnerabilities before recommending a security suite which protects your organisation from a wide range of threats. Furthermore, our consultants are also available to carry out and advise your employees on how to identify, protect, and respond to incidents.

If you feel that your IT security is in need of a review, please do get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your exact requirements.

Tellemachus Cyber Security and ICS services will :

  • Protect your operations against internal and external attacks.
  • Take away the ever-growing concerns over cyber security.
  • “Prevent and Protect”- using our security skills to identify the risk and implement risk-reduction solutions.
  • Safeguard your critical assets.
  • Work alongside your internal team.
  • Comply to industry standards.
  • Maximise efficiency from the latest technologies.
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