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Network Security Services, Trust the Experts at Tellemachus

Protect your business or organisation from internal and external threats

Encompassing both hardware and software, Network Security is designed to protect the usability, confidentiality and security of your business network and the data which it contains.

The aim of Network Security is to detect security threats and vulnerabilities before they present an opportunity for malicious activity, from either outside or inside your organisation. Network security recommendations vary from organisation to organisation and whilst no two security requirements are the same – there are a number of areas in which our IT security experts cover.

  • Access Control – Who can access your network? With what devices? How can you control this?
  • Antivirus & Antimalware Software – Covers Ransomware, Viruses, Trojans, Spyware. Prevents access and eliminates the attack.
  • Application Security – Detecting and fixing holes or vulnerabilities in your software, before they are targeted.
  • Behavioural Monitoring – Who is spending time in your network, why and what are they viewing? Identify abnormal behaviour, fast.
  • Firewalls – Block traffic from potential risks and external sources.
  • Mobile Device Security – When your employees take work home, ensure everything is kept safe.
  • Wireless Security – Wireless Networks are now the norm in many businesses and for good reason, they are ultra-easy to use across a range of devices. They are however, open to security attacks which we can prevent.

Above are just a few elements which can be used in your IT Security strategy. Get in touch with your exact requirements to see how we can help protect your business or organisation from internal and external threats.

Tellemachus Cyber Security and ICS services will :

  • Protect your operations against internal and external attacks.
  • Take away the ever-growing concerns over cyber security.
  • “Prevent and Protect”- using our security skills to identify the risk and implement risk-reduction solutions.
  • Safeguard your critical assets.
  • Work alongside your internal team.
  • Comply to industry standards.
  • Maximise efficiency from the latest technologies.
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