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One-Time Password Application with Push Notification

FortiToken Mobile is an OATH compliant One-Time Password (OTP) generator application for the mobile device supporting both time (TOTP) and event (HOTP) based tokens.

Strong Authentication at your Fingertips

FortiToken Mobile is the client component of Fortinet’s highly secure, simple to use and administer, and extremely cost effective two-factor solution for meeting your strong authentication needs. This application makes your Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices behave like a hardware-based OTP token without the hassles of having to carry yet another device. Push notification allows you to view login details on your mobile device to approve or deny with one tap.


FortiToken Main Features:

  • OATH time- and event-based OTP generator
  • Login details pushed to phone for one-tap approval
  • PIN/Fingerprint protected application
  • Copy OTP to the clipboard
  • OTP time interval display
  • Serial Number display
  • Token and app management
  • Self-erase brute-force protection
  • Apple watch compatibility
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