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Threat Detection that’s Unified, Simple, Affordable

Tellemachus have recently partnered with AlienVault to offer our customers a simple and affordable way to address threat detection, incident response and compliance. AlienVault USM delivers all of the essential security controls required for complete security visibility – asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, behavioural monitoring and integrated threat intelligence. The easy to consume threat intelligence allows organisations to detect the latest threats and prioritise response efforts:

 Real-time botnet detection – identifies infection and misuse of corporate assets

 Data exfiltration detection – prevents leakage of sensitive and proprietary data

 Command-and-control traffic (C&C) identification – identifies compromised systems communicating with malicious actors

 IP, URL, and domain reputation data – prioritises response efforts by identifying known bad actors and infected sites

 APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) detection – detects targeted attacks often missed by other defences

• *Dynamic incident response and investigation guidance *– provides customised instructions on howto respond and investigate each alert

to see the interactive Demo of the Alien Vault USM click here

The AlienVault Unified Security Management™ (USM) platform provides five essential security capabilities in a single console combined with integrated threat intelligence, giving you everything you need to quickly identify threats and manage compliance.

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