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UK Government Organisation Heightens Security of it’s facility with Tellemachus & Avigilon HD Megapixel Surveillance System

The Challenge

When a UK government organisation needed to increase the security of its facility, it turned to Tellemachus.

With a technically challenging requirement to deploy cameras inside a prestige glass building, the system would need to deliver full facial and number plate recognition of every approach to the building from any direction, during daylight as well at night. Due to landlord constraints, no external mounting of cameras or Infrared (IR) lighting units would be permitted.

After receiving a quote from a conventional CCTV Company, which required a minimum of 96 conventional cameras, the organisation turned to Tellemachus, as recognised experts in the design, installation and maintenance of high specification surveillance solutions.

The Solution

Following consultations with the client, Tellemachus designed and installed an Avigilon HD Megapixel Surveillance System. This provided a number of surveillance grade day and night HD MegaPixel cameras, which allow viewing and recording of all the data captured by each camera at full resolution at up to 16 Megapixels. The HD MegaPixel cameras provide complete coverage to the external of the building, enhancing staff safety and helping to protect the information within.

In addition, a secure IP networking infrastructure including a dedicated storage and archiving system was designed and installed. The network and dedicated viewing stations allow the live and recorded HD MegaPixel video footage to be viewed in various strategic locations throughout the facility and potentially other offsite locations.

Using sophisticated analytics within the Avigilon software, any approaches to the building are automatically recorded (for a number of days), whilst other actions (such as tree branch movement) are ignored, thus significantly reducing the storage requirements and reducing costs.

Due to the blast protection film covering all the external glazing, Tellemachus had to design and manufacture bespoke camera boxes which fit directly against the glass, in order to allow an un-impinged view for the appropriate camera lens, whilst also eliminating unwanted reflections from the film.

The Avigilon Control Center software provided is extremely user-friendly and intuitive, which reduced the training requirements for the end user and system administrators. The video search feature for instance saves time allowing personnel to quickly and accurately navigate through large amounts of recorded high definition video to find scene changes, missing objects and events.

Support and warranties
With expertise in camera and network technologies, Tellemachus are able to provide high quality support for the solution. Additionally, all equipment is supported by 3 year manufacturers advanced replacement warranties, therefore providing the customer with total piece of mind.

The Benefits

  • Precise high quality images resulting in strong evidence and positive identification
  • Wider/very large surveillance coverage area and therefore less cameras required than traditional CCTV
  • Surveillance grade cameras record far more data and hence provide better evidence
  • Fewer cameras required resulting in less man-hours to install, maintain, less cabling and overall cost reduction
  • Near infrared (NIR) sensitivity – see beyond human vision at night
  • Wide dynamic range – captures details in scenes with both very bright and very dark areas
  • Control center features and simple management tools reduce man-hours required to use and manage the system

Tellemachus staff hold government security clearances up to Top Secret and were therefore able to work (during normal and out of hours) with the clients’ staff to ensure that the system was installed securely and efficiently, whilst ensuring minimum disruption to the existing building staff.

Even though this was physically an extremely difficult installation (due to the nature of the building infrastructure), the project was completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule and within the original quoted budget.

The clients technical team, who were responsible for the specification and procurement of the system, are extremely happy with the level of professionalism shown by Tellemachus during the tender response, installation and training phases of the project. The Security Manager, who is the day to day end user, is amazed at the high level of evidential quality information available to him and the ease of use of the system for his team.

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